July 31, 2009

Daily Recipe: Mitch's Wings

My husband makes good wings. They are at once crispy and spicy on the outside and juicy on the inside. A bit of a production but who am I to judge. If you are into making wings, here is a great techniquie. It involves steaming the wings first and then grilling them. The result is worth the labor. As you will read, this is not my recipe but a series of baseball metaphores and jibberish. If you can make sense of this and like wings, then godspeed my child. In any case, they are worth it on game day.

Mitch's Buffalo Wings


  • chicken wings

  • buffalo sauce - can be bought in any store

  • blue cheese dressing

  • salt/pepper


spread wings. really. on cutting board. find your largest knife. push it through ligament connecting wing and wingette. discard wingette. don't forget to practice safe poultry. by safe I mean sanitary. assemble wingettes and drummettes piled about yay high in abu ghraib style pyramid on a steamer tray in a steamer pot (like the one you steam veggies in). Steam in pot for 10 minutes. Refrigerate the wings on a tray between paper towels for one hour. If you want to season them do so while refrigerating. you forgot to practice safe poultry, didn't you.


grill on low flame until skin is crispy on each side. if your grill is wieldy you may be able to brush a light coat of olive oil on there to enhance crispiness. if your grill is unwieldy the wings may catch fire, which would suck ass.


Throw grilled wings in a bowl with buffalo sauce and toss them around until they are shiny and red, like Jason Giambi's jumbotron photo circa 2004. Serve with bleu chee dressing and celery. Why? Celery is nature's answer to rolaids.

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  1. LOL! Mitch should be a recurring guest recipist.