July 18, 2009

Daily Recipe: Euro Haddock

Why Euro Haddock you ask? Because the Euros seem to know just how to do fish. That is, select the freshest, most local fish, and do basically nothing to it. Let the fish stand on its own merit. Living in Cape Cod allows me to luxuriate in Euro fish all summer long. Just down the street is a fish market called The Clam Man and he gets the freshest fish, right off the boat. Today, I was bargain hunting and decided on some haddock. Haddock is a medium bodied, white flakyfish best done in an oven or on a skillet. You can do this recipe with many types of fish - sole, flounder, bass....really any of the flaky white fishes. Pair it with a dry, very cold white wine and you are in fishy heaven.

Euro Haddock



  • Any white flaky fish you like, skin off, fillets only

  • whole wheat flour

  • good olive oil

  • parsley, finely minced

  • fresh lemon juice

  • kosher salt


Dredge fish fillets on both sides with whole wheat flour. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet on high heat. When the oil is good and hot, add the fish fillets. Don't crowd your pan and don't walk away, girlfriend. Fry on one side for about 2 minutes max, then flip. You only need to cook each side for about 2 minutes. Don't overcook! Transfer the fillets to a platter, drizzle with good olive oil, squeeze lemon over it, sprinkle parsley and kosher salt on top. So simple. So Euro.


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